Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here's the new batch. Its hard to not see flaws in your own work isn't it? But that's okay I believe very deeply in showing your work, for several reasons. for one as Pascal Campion suggests, art isn't finished until someone else sees it. and secondly because the only way you over come your fears and insecurities is by voluntarily accepting them. By the way that's the meaning behind many religious stories and myths. Voluntary exposure to suffering and acceptance of your own vulnerability. Carl Jung often talked about the individuated man, and that the point of existence was to find something that you found meaningful to do with your time and to keep doing that thing, whatever it may be. Doing meaningful work with your life, is how you become a real individual. One that is capable of standing up to tyranny....I really believe that. lots of reasons for that.... holy shit I can go on forever. anyway here are some drawings. two of them will be paintings soon! and I will beg Jean for help with colors :D


  1. I love your use of shapes! That one of DQ is awesome. Definitely captured his scowl.. and his lovely shirt! Great stuff man.

    1. thanks for the encouragement! I was just sulking comparing my drawing to this designer Chris Sasaki's but that made me feel better! you da best