Saturday, January 14, 2012

tokyo story

I watched Tokyo Story(1953) last night, which was directed by Japanese master Yasujiro Ozu. I had been meaning to watch this for years now and I'm so glad I did. The compositions are breathtaking. everything is so well composed, shots are meticulously planned. Y'know I read plenty of essays, and sat in on lectures about mise-en-scene but I didn't really get it. Now I think I do! Anyway It's fun to see the origin of certain styles of cinema and techniques. Ozu's influence can be seen in directors like hou hsiao hsien, koreeda hirokazu, and hayao miyazaki. lots of quiet still shots of ordinary every day life. clouds, a bit or architecture, trees blowing in the wind, empty streets, and neighborhood rooftops. Ozu's film style is very still, mature and subtle. It evokes a sense of mindfulness that is rarely seen in film. He also interestingly enough doesn't follow the 180 rule which I think is pretty interesting to see. it actually works really really well in spite of it.

I really could go on forever about this... anyway I painted this shot which was one of my favourite of his "tatami shots" in the movie. so beautiful. I'm a shitty painter but it was fun, and I felt compelled to do it!

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