Wednesday, October 12, 2011

stories, and the psychological meaning of mythological symbols

MAN I've got to update this thing with drawings. soon i swear. In the mean time, here's a lecture from Jordan Peterson. If I had to sum it up in a simple way... which i don't think i can (even he cant) its about the fundamental value of stories, what they mean, and why that's one of the most important things... in the world!

I often wrestle with his ideas in my head, trying to gain a clearer understanding of his body of work. I think its rare to encounter ideas that can both sum up the complexity of stories and mythology while leaving the sense of meaning they have on us intact.

If I can sum up jordan's argument (and we can't forget it is an argument) is that stories are the codified established patterns of how you should (or shouldn't) deal with things you don't understand. because stories are always about that. getting from where you are (what you know) and crossing the threshold to a place that you don't understand...

Boy I'm not explaining this well at all.I just hear my words, jumbled with jordan's words in my head, half-remembered sentences that i know are meaningful if only i could put them together. but thats what the video is for.
so here it is
A sophisticated, complex and intellectually honest and stimulating understanding as to the role (and the function!!!) of stories in the wider context of the human species. please enjoy. I plead with you, watch, listen closely. You'll gain something.

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